Sunday, February 19, 2012

147 million minus 1

Did you know that there are about 147 million orphans in the world?  I have a hard time wrapping my brain around those kind of numbers.  I've wanted to adopt for about 9 years now.  For Kyle (my husband) it's been about 6.  It took us a little while to get here.  We've had a few "attempts" but God always closed those doors.  In early November, my friend, Angela, sent me an email with some pictures of some precious orphans in an orphanage in Taipei, Taiwan.  It was the same orphanage that they had adopted their youngest daughter from.  Each country has different requirements and we had too many children in our home to qualify for Taiwan's program.  Still, we prayed.  We serve a God that can open doors that nobody else can open so we contacted the placing agency and began a conversation through them with the orphanage about 2 little girls.  We decided that until God showed us a specific child we would stay open to whoever He had for us. 

Being open to both was so hard.  There were times I'd walk around in our backyard praying for God to show me which one.  There was a time when I thought my heart would break if I had to choose 1 because that meant that we were not choosing the other.  Does that make sense?  There were several times the burden of it made me break down and cry. Finally, somewhere in those 2 months, I had sent a question to our placing agency about both girls.  She wrote back, "... your child."  Those are some of the most amazing words I've ever read---"your child"!  In that split second I knew.  Kyle happened to be reading it with me and I turned to him and told him, "It's Ling."  Now, of course, I wanted confirmation.  I emailed right back, "Which one is ours?!"  Did I mention that I like to be thorough?  We didn't get a response.  It was like getting to the end of a suspense novel with the last page missing.  Finally the next day, we couldn't stand it.  We were bouncin' off the walls waiting for the reply.  I called.  Yep, it was Ling.  The best part?  The other sweetie pie has a forever family all of her own, too!!!

So Ling is our minus 1 (147 million minus 1).  We're still open to God changin' it up and moving us in a different direction.  The Bible says that God puts the lonely in homes.  We don't want to force an adoption that God hasn't set in place.  A friend of mine worded it well when she said that we don't want an Ishmael, we want an Isaac(Genesis 15-21).  Selfishly, I already love this sweet little one and am anxious to get her home.  With that comes a love that really wants what's best for her and God's got that.  He knows what that looks like and we're trusting Him.

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