Sunday, February 19, 2012

the miracle of the fingerprints and other true stories

In Texas, it takes 2-3 weeks to get the fingerprint results back in.  Because of a glitch with my information, we didn't get ours done until January 28.  A little sidenote here, fingerprinting in our part of the world can take place at a tutoring center called Sylvan Learning Center.  Who knew?!  Anyway, the goal for the official approved homestudy was February 6.  If you can do math in your head (I can't at all!) you know that those 2 dates are a little closer together than 2-3 weeks. That's basically a timespan of 1 week and 2 days--including weekends (I cheated and looked at a calendar for those enormous numbers).  I don't know that I had even mustard seed faith as I prayed for a miracle.  I asked God to hurry up the state of Texas.  I know, I know...right?  Well, we got to the Friday before the Monday that it was all due.  I stalked my phone!  Nothing....God hadn't rushed those fingerprints through.  I got really sad.  Well, Kyle was coaching a game and Ryan was at an away game so the other 4 kids and I hung out.  We decided to play battle of the bands on Lego Rockband.  Occasionally, I get to come in as a vocalist.  Teehee.  Did you like the way that sounded like a real official part?  I'm not a great singer. I enjoy it but nobody's calling me in to perform even back-up vocals---if you know what I mean.  If I'm standing next to the wrong person at church, I'm completely lost on the notes.  Anyway, we usually only listen to KLOVE, Air1, or AFR but I do know some of those other silly lyrics from my high school days.  Thankfully, Lego Rockband is pretty clean and if it's not, the kids don't get to play that song.  So they chose "Free Fallin'".  Yep, I actually know those lyrics.  Shameless brag coming up---I got a 100!!!!  Just so we're clear, I amazed my kids.  I stink at video games so pretty much this may be my one and only victory on any game system anywhere.  To date, I'm the only one to score a 100 on this particular game.  I'm just sayin'.  So thanks to the distraction and my performance, I left my phone on the kitchen counter and forgot about it.  At 10:18 p.m. I was walking past it and noticed it was lit up.  There was a message!  Even better, it was a message from our case worker from earlier in the evening!  Her message was about our medical clearance forms and being able to wrap it up and oh, by the way, our fingerprints came back already!!!!  Tell me what our God can't do!

The little cherry on top?  When we started this process we had no idea where all of the money was going to come from---still don't.  Kyle is a teacher and coach and I stay home with our kiddos.  We do "meet or exceed" the USCIS income requirements but even if you can't do math in your head (like me) you can probably guess that we don't have $20,000 sitting around in an account somewhere.  Still, I felt like God was specifically calling us to just step out of the boat.  I kept getting that message everywhere I went.  Church, conversations...I couldn't escape it.  I still hesistated, but Kyle was the one to say it was time to take the next step.  He said that after he came home from work one day. He had left his wallet at home and driven our Suburban 35 miles from work on an empty tank. If God could provide fuel from nothing to get him home, then He could provide the money to get Ling home.  Well, we did step out of that boat and our first big adoption bill came from our homestudy agency.  You know what?  The same day that we got the invoice, our tax return was deposited into our bank account.  My mustard seed faith grew "3 sizes that day"!

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

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