Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preparing for rain...

Well, I have a few minutes to sit down and post a little update.  I've got bread in the oven so while it's baking I'll write.  The bread thing is a whole other post for another day...

When we got our big bill, Kyle and I bought 2 packs of Thank You cards.  We were "preparing for rain".  I really had no idea that we would use any of them.  Well, we've gone through our first pack of 50 and had to bust open the pack of 25.  Wow!  I wish somehow Avalyn could know and understand what this means right now.  She is loved!

I just sent our agency a check for $5000!  We are only $1250 short of the first big bill.  So, we're getting there. 

We did really well at the garage sale.  I'm really not sure how.  There was nothing really valuable and the prices were cheap.  People bartered up, though!  A sweet friend of mine paid a huge chunk for Stampin' Up stamps and someone else for some toys.  There was one man that came and would ask me how much?  I would say, "Five dollars."  He would say, "I'll give you 10."   Kyle said that I needed to be fired from my garage sale job.  He was jokin' with me but he's right.  I'm a horrible salesperson.  It's a good thing God likes to use us where we're weak, right?

The Friday before the garage sale, I met a friend of mine from our homeschool group at the church where we had the garage sale.  She had some donations for us to sell.  I had Cailey, my 11 year-old with me and after we took the donations, we went back inside to organize the clothes and things.  I needed to run back out to the car real quick and when I got there I found a card on my windshield.  Inside was a check for a large amount of money---about 1/6 of the amount that is due right now!  I just stood by my car and cried.  There were circumstances that should've kept her family from giving money---at all.  I was so humbled and touched. 

We added up our money several times on Sunday.  We had a total of $4450.  We both checked that amount.  I've mentioned my teensiest tiniest bit of OCD.  Umm...yeah, let's just say, I checked it more than once. ;)  On Monday, we had donations of $360.  I was filling out the deposit slip on Monday and we had more!  Given, we put in some more from us (it's going to be a beans and rice kinda month!) but there's still about $100 that I just can't figure out.  God's math...

Well, the bread's been baked for awhile now and it needs to be sliced and eaten. 

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