Thursday, May 31, 2012


I really enjoy decorating---on a budget.  About 2 years ago, I did some dumpster (curbside) diving down the street from us.  I found an awesome twin sized wrought iron sleigh bed that will be Cailey's when she has her own room.  I also found 8 posts from a poster bed and the head and footboard.  They were completely different heights so I knew they wouldn't work for 2 headboards, but I loved the posts. I brought them home took the posts off and waited to find a way to make headboards that would match.  I found some free doors on Craigslist but could never quite get the idea all put together in my head and I really wanted a more rounded headboard.  Well, we were shopping at a new Thrift store in town and found parts of a bunkbed.  I'm not sure which parts but they looked like they had headboard potential and actually had a screw on top that could hold our existing posts!  We got them both together for less than $10 because they were half off.

With woodfiller my sweet husband put in and without the posts.

With the posts attached to the pre-existing screws that, btw, were the perfect fit! 
after 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of creamy white paint

All done!  One banner says, "sisters" the other one says, "friends".

In other news, the AG doll raffle is on!!!  $10 for 1 ticket and $25 for 3.  You have until July 1 at midnight.  All proceeds go to help bring Miss Avalyn home to us.  For more details, read my post from May 29.

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  1. I just discovered your blog from Tami. We too live in TX and have 2 boys from Taiwan and 3 girls from China. We're outside of Austin if you're in the area. Love your makeover for the headboards too!