Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of School 2012

Well, it's here!  School time.  We're a homeschooling family and this year I am teaching an 11th grader, two 9th graders, a 6th grader, and a Kindergartener!  The subjects include Algebra 2, Algebra 1, 6th grade math, K math, Chemistry, Geography, Government/Economics, U.S. History, Language Arts, and more!   Now, in all fairness, there is a wonderful man by the name of Steve that teaches all of the math right in our living room.  He's great!  He says "two-ty" instead of twenty and "three-ty" instead of thirty.  We've all grown very, very fond of him.  I love those DVD's.  I love that I don't have to really teach Algebra 2.  I even love the corny jokes.

Today was Savannah's very first day of school EVER!  One of the assigned readings (me reading to her) was Little Bo Peep.  I had no idea what that rhyme really said.  Bo Peep is not quite the lady I remembered. She's tougher!  And, while I really enjoyed her in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, I wonder if she was not in Toy Story 3 (not even referred to!) because Woody was finally made aware of her lambs' tails.  Those poor lambs lost their tails.  That's bad enough, right?  Bo Peep finds them, dries them, (my oldest kid says it would have to be dried of the blood) and then she reattaches them. college I took a semester of Children's Lit.  Disney has improved on many of those stories.  Well, in some ways.  They did away with some of the gore.  That's probably good.  I guess I thought Mother Goose was different.  I'm not disappointed at all---just surprised I never caught it.  Woody, though, was Woody disappointed?

Anyway, we all learned a little something new today so here are some pictures of our first day of school.

Welcome back packs 
Yes, those are socks.  Seriously, my boys were thrilled!  Who knew?  Christmas may be a whole lot cheaper this year...

Up close of Savannah's because it's her very first day EVER!  The girls got glitter pencils and the boys got Lego ones.  The older kids all write in cursive, but the big printed labels were for the Kindergartener. 
They actually got soda, too!  That's a rare treat in our house.

the fab 5
(L-R) Ryan, Cailey, Josh, Savannah, and Brett
I'm really ready to start calling them the sensational 6 (maybe super 6?)  We're missing one.
Miss Savannah's first day EVER!

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