Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Since I'm no expert on the subject of Down syndrome and I'm 7 days late to the party, I'll do homestudy homework instead.  When we had our family homestudy visit, our caseworker asked us to make a list of questions and answers to have ready when people wanted to know things about our adoption--especially those awkward questions.


So, this blog post will be question #1.

Why would you adopt a child when you already have 5, especially one with Down syndrome that you may have to parent your whole life?  You did know that didn't you?

I think I'll answer the first part of the question with a quote.  I've heard that Mother Theresa didn't actually say these words, but she's the only one to whom I can give due credit,
"Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers."
Yep, you caught us!  We really love being parents.  The thought of more brings us happiness, not stress. The other answer to that first part of the question is simple.  God called us to this. 

Now, for the "Down syndrome parenting our whole life" question.  Yes, we knew that when we started considering a special needs adoption.  You know what?  We're okay with that!  I want to be careful here with my words, so be patient while I stumble over myself.  We want the absolute best for her and our other children.  If that means she will live independently as an adult, great!  If that means that we get the honor of parenting our whole life, awesome!  Love never gives up! 

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