Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ranger 11/12/2004-10/14/2012

We had to say goodbye to one of our much loved furbabies on Sunday night.  I don't want to share the details, but I will say it was completely unexpected and we are very sad.  It's been a few days and we're starting to feel better.  The kids want to put together a memory box and I thought I'd list some of my favorite memories of our boy.

1.  Every morning he would get in bed with me when Kyle would get out. He would make this little excited squeeky sound and try to kiss me to wake me up. Kyle called him "the other man" on occasion.

2.  The boy absolutely LOVED bubbles!  He would try to catch them in his mouth.

3.  For years, I thought that he had stumpy ears.  It turns out that his ears were normal, but his body was a little extra big. 

4.  He also loved ice from the ice maker.

5.  He never met another living thing that he didn't try to befriend.

6.  For such and oversized dog, he had the wimpiest bark.

7.  He thought he was a lap dog.

8.  There was a game he would play.  We would call him in from the backyard and he would just look at us.  We would go out to get him and as soon as we got close, he would come bounding in all goofy and crooked.

9.  He was my cooking buddy and always laid in my way as I made dinner.

10.  He was completely made out of sweetness and love.

11.  Pixar may not claim it, but I secretly (and now not so secretly) believe that he was the inspiration for Dug in the movie Up.

12.  He would lay there and watch something and his eyebrows would take turns being raised.

13.  He loved hugs.

14.  There was a game he would play with Ryan.  It would go something like this:
      Ryan:  Rangerrrr
      Ranger: RRRRRR
      Ryan:  Rangerrrr
      Ranger:  RRRRRR
           etc...... They both loved it.

15.  We loved him as much as you can love a furbaby and we will miss him deeply.

This was from several years ago, but I LOVE his grin. 
He's sitting with Cailey and one of his fursiblings, Sophie.

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