Wednesday, December 26, 2012

court rulings and EEGs

Well, there's been a court ruling.  We have no idea what it says, but once the papers get to the orphanage we'll have our answer.  I've been anxious today despite the Bible telling me not to be anxious.  I just keep quoting Psalm 68:6  GOD sets the lonely in families.  This is His thing!

Now about the EEG thing.  Several years ago around 6 in the morning my son, Brett, came to me and said that Josh was having one of "those dreams" again. Kyle and I went upstairs and saw Josh having a grand mal seizure (on the top bunk of the bunkbed, no less).  All we could do was watch and pray.  Over the course of what seemed like an eternity, we went through 1 MRI, 3 EEGs, and too many seizures to count. Each of them happening in Josh's sleep early in the morning.  It was horrible.  You sit and watch and pray and pray and pray. The first 2 EEGs didn't show anything and they couldn't trigger a seizure.  Finally, during the 3rd EEG, they hit pay dirt and Josh gave them a seizure.  He had to go a whole night without sleep to finally catch one.  I stayed up with him and Kyle slept so that he could drive him to the appointment and be with him during the test. We were blessed with an awesome Dr. and she prescribed some meds that have kept Josh seizure-free since November 3, 2010.  At his appointment 1 year ago, her goal for him was to gain 20 pounds so that his weight would exceed the dosage and start a sort of natural tapering off of the medication.  She thinks these are the type of seizures that can be outgrown.  Well, he had a visit back in September and had gained 22 pounds.  He had done exactly what she wanted and remained seizure-free in the process.  He has gained 7 more pounds since then and YEP! he's still seizure-free!  So we find ourselves up tonight (all night) because Josh has another EEG tomorrow to see if we can trigger a seizure.  He is still on the meds, so we're not expecting a seizure, but I'm feeling a little stressed as we head into this part of this particular journey. It would be okay with me if I never EVER had to watch him have another seizure.

In this process, Josh has shown me what's it's like to really have childlike faith.  That boy has never once worried.  He just rolls with the punches and trusts us to do what we need to do.  If I could master this skill with my Heavenly Father and really have that childlike faith, I wouldn't be up tonight worried about 2 of my munchkins (both Josh and our Taiwanese treasure).  I'd just walk this out and trust and relax and play Fruit Ninja.  Actually, I think I will play Fruit Ninja.  We've turned tonight into a slumber party. Only Kyle and Savannah will sleep.  Kyle because he gets the job of driver/watchman and Savannah because if anyone needs their sleep, it's her.

If you're checking in and want to pray that Josh's EEG will give us enough information to make some decisions that are ahead of us and also for our complete trust in God's plan as we know we will hear the judge's decision very soon now, we'd appreciate it so very much.