Sunday, January 20, 2013

God is seldom early, but NEVER late.

We've had the flu so I've been horrible about blogging. 

I feel so humbled to even get to post this, but here goes... our entire adoption is paid for!!!  We got a Show Hope grant and I'm just amazed.  I feel like God asked me how much I thought we'd need and then He opened up His wallet and just handed it to us.  When we felt like God was calling us to step out and adopt, I knew He would provide.  At least most of the time I felt that way.  There were also days of sheer panic, but He did provide!  The adoption costs came out to even more than we anticipated and it's still covered.

I love how He gives us special things along the way.  After I had sufficiently bawled over God's provision, I noticed the date that the letter had been typed.  It was Miss Avalyn's 3rd birthday!  We didn't find out that day, but several weeks later.  It all came together at the exact right time--His timing and it has left me more convinced than ever that God really is my provider.

We've been so blessed by so many people who were God's answer to our prayers.  In having to totally rely on Him, we got to really see the body of Christ in action.  We got to see His hands and feet and we are honored and humbled and amazed.

If you you feel that God has called you to adopt, but you have no idea where that kind of money is going to come from, I can assure you that He will provide it.  He will not abandon you.  God really does set the lonely in homes and He isn't going to let the little matter of money get in His way.


  1. Somehow I found my way to your blog... Thank you Lord! What a blessing to read your story! I feel as if you've taken a few pages from my own! We've adopted three from China... The first at 14 months, the next at 22 months, and the third at 7 years old. They were all born in the same year, so we have virtual triplets to add to our three bio kids! After following Jesus... they are three of the best decisions we've ever made!!! We've never had a single dime to accomplish what we knew God was asking us to do! But each time, He's brought it in just as we've needed it, in utterly miraculous ways! God provided for Child #2 (Ellie) through a stranger in a restaurant! What an amazing God we serve! Child #3 (Rachel) came home with terms like "inoperable" and "terminal" over her name... What in the world were we thinking???? We weren't "thinking"! We were following Jesus... and the journey has been unbelievably wonderful!

    I can't wait to follow your journey to Avalyn!!! Know that I will be praying for you and cheering you one for each step along the way!

    May His blessings abound!
    Lori McCary

  2. Hello, I came across your blog, and see that your last entry was from January when all funds were provided and no post since then and I wanted to make sure everything is okay! We live in Taichung, Taiwan as missionaries and would love to help in any way we can! Gloria

  3. Gloria, I've been so horrible about blogging. We are actually back home with our munchkin. I'll blog about it soon.

  4. that is great to know, thank you! Look forward to the day you get a chance to blog again :)

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